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Noack Laboratorien GmbH is your excellent and reliable partner for contract research in terms of ecotoxicology, environmental fate, residue analysis, physico-chemical and metabolism studies.

We are a private, independent research facility, operating in accordance with current international regulatory requirements and the principles of good laboratory practice (GLP). As a personal company Noack Laboratorien GmbH provides excellent experimental services to international industrial clients involved in the development and safety assessment of agrochemicals, biocides, consumer products, industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

As confirmed by a recent client survey, one of our major advantages is our outstanding customer support: Our scientists, study directors and project managers always maintain a close and direct contact with our clients.

Dr Maeß and the experienced and well-proven team of scientists at Noack Laboratorien GmbH will continue and improve the high quality work of the test facility. We are supported by a scientific advisory council consisting of Prof Dr Sven Geißen, Prof Dr Thomas Scheper and the former test facility owner and founder Dr Udo Noack.

Since the founding of Noack Laboratorien in 1986, we continuously have been offering high quality services and have been striving for the optimization of our standards and performance. Our remarkable experiences enable us to conduct the best possible test design for your needs.

We are happy to take on new challenges for and together with you.



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SETAC Europe 27th Annual Meeting, Brussels, May 07-11, 2017





2009: Teilnahme am internationalen OECD-Ringtest Aquatische Toxizität mit Myriophyllum sp. (s.auch Ringtests)


1. Zeilinger, J., Steger-Hartmann, T., Maser, E., Goller, S., Vonk, R and R. Länge (2009): Effects Of Synthetic Gestagens On Fish Reproduction. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, Vol.28, No.12:2663-2670.

2. Zitat im Proposal for a New OECD Guideline 209 (2009): Fiebig, S. and U. Noack (2004): The use of copper(II)sulphate pentahydrate as reference substance in the activated sludge respiration inhibition test - acc. to the OECD guideline 209. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin 13:1556-1557.

3. Koch, V., Knaup, W., Roeper, H., Stegman, R., Fiebig, S. and J. Lange (2009): A Weight of Evidence Approach to evaluate the Environmental Safety of a Clariant Fluorotelomer-based Acrylate Polymer during the full Product Life-cycle. Poster Präsentation SETAC North America 30th Annual Meeting, Hilton Riverside, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, 19.-23.11.2009


Jetzt 7 Massenspektrometer in unseren Analytiklaboren:

Mai 2009: Inbetriebnahme des vierten LC-MS (UPLC-MS/MS XEVO TQ, Waters)

Juni 2009: Inbetriebnahme des dritten GC-MS (GC-MS/MS TSQ TripleQuad Quantum Trace, Thermo)