Bild-012DR. U. NOACK-LABORATORIEN is a private and independent contract research facility specialising in ecotoxicology, environmental fate and metabolism studies. Residue analysis and physico- chemical properties testing prior to product registration and according to current international regulatory requirements are also carried out.

We provide experimental services in full compliance with GLP to industrial clients worldwide for the development and safety assessment of agrochemicals, biocides, consumer products, industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Over the years, we have studied more than a thousand test items; this has provided us with the necessary knowledge to review new products with judgement based on a solid foundation of experience. Dr. NoackThe proprietor and head of the testing facility, Dr. Udo Noack, established the company in 1986. Since its foundation, the laboratories have always provided high quality services and have continuously improved these in line with GLP requirements.

DR. U. NOACK-LABORATORIEN continuously invests in new equipment as part of an ongoing commitment to maintain a leading position in contract research and services.

We also continuously invest in staff development and training and are proud of our very low staff turnover rate. Teamwork and communication are essential to our philosophy in achieving our goals.

Our highly motivated team - June 2010

We constantly review where we are and look to the future, responding to the evolving needs of our clients and the regulatory authorities. This enables us to maintain our position at the leading edge of testing.